What is cross promotion?
Cross promotion (CP) is also called link exchange or shoutouts - this is when two or more bloggers agree that they will recommend each other to their audience and thus exchange subscribers. However, CP is not free users, but rather barter and the approach when choosing a promo partner should be as if you were buying advertising.

What is suitable for cross promotion ?

  1. Blog / channel / account, a media resource that has subscribers (fans);
  2. The minimum number of live subscribers should be at least 100 in order to have something to exchange during the cross promo.

What is not suitable for cross promo?

  1. Any type of business (like shops, banks, restaurants) that does not create content i.e. those who do not have a blog;
  2. All those who want to sell something quickly and once, i.e. not interested in building long-term relationships with their customers or fans. For example, traffic arbitrageurs;
  3. Bot hoarders - blogs with fake audience, of course, they can deceive admin if you contact them directly, but they will not be able to do this through the Erzy platform, as their reputation will be damaged after the first cross promotion.

Cross Promotion Formats

Megas - this is when a bunch of channels are collected in a long canvas of links and then reposted. Ordinary megas are an ugly sight. 2017-2020s mega brought subscribers, but nowadays it will rather annoy your own subscribers. Another mega problem is the complete lack of tracking - it is not clear from whom users came to whom (although usually no one comes) ... Megas in 3-4 channels are acceptable, but they should be well matched according to the topic!

1-to-1 Cross Promotion is the kind of promotion in which no more than 2 channels participate ( can be carried out in Erzy). Channel admins are responsible to each other for the success of the promo. They always know exactly where the subscribers came from and they can track them. We have interviewed the admins of our channels and, under ideal conditions, they are ready to conduct 1-to-1 CPs weekly.
As a rule, CP is limited in time (usually 24 hours), however, there are forms of CPs when admins agree in advance how many subscribers must pass before the post is deleted. To do this, the average subscribers shared metric must be known and the admins agree on the number of subscribers slightly lower than their average subscribers shared.

Asymmetrical cross promotion
this is a CP in which the channels post about each other at different times and thus the subscribers get the impression that the admin just posted a recommendation about another channel, and the second channel will post the partner’s promo post 1-2 days later. This format obliges the participants to have trust in each other or a reputation system that would monitor the fulfillment of the conditions of this cross promo.

Paid cross promotion allows small channels to run cross promotion with large channels without overpaying for ads. It's kind of like a trade-in when you trade in your old iPhone for a new one without having to pay the full price. A small channel also gains reputational reinforcement in the eyes of subscribers by partnering with a more popular channel. A larger channel in return receives not only money, but also new users.
More about paid cross promotion.

Guaranteed Gains promotion(GG) cross promotion that guarantees that you either receive subscribers or money. If you have done cross promotions before you know that often you can get much less subscribers that your cross promo partner. You know you have a great channel with real subscribers, but you’re not sure your partners channel isn’t filled up with bots, the best way to insure yourself is to use GG promotion. Both channels decide number of subscribers they must receive during cross promotion and they also stake money if one of the admins receives less subscribers than the partner he/she will receive payment unreceived subscribers.

How often should a cross promotions be done?

In our opinion, the average channel can carry from 1 to 3 cross promotions per week, depending on the frequency of posting and advertising load. For example, if you find 5-6 suitable channels for cross promotion and conduct 1-to-1 CP once a week.
Using Erzy, you can immediately schedule posting for 5 weeks in advance, and focus on a more important thing - creating viral content.
In our opinion, cross promotion is a much more efficient and cost-effective way to grow subscriber base.
How does login work?

Erzy website login works through Erzynetwebbot.
Step 1: Visit the Login Page
Step 2: Initiate Login
  • Click on the "Login" button on the page.
Step 3: Redirect to Telegram
Step 4: Authorize
  • The Telegram bot will display an “Authorize” button. Click this button to proceed.
Step 5: Completion of Login
  • After authorization, you will be logged into Erzy.
  • If you have previously completed the signup process, you will be taken directly to your dashboard.
  • If you are a new user, you will be guided through the process of adding your channel to our system.

How to logout?
To Logout click on a "Logout" button in the dashboard menu.
How to setup Erzy?
If you are using Erzy for the first time then you will need to add a channel before accessing the control panel.
How to add a new channel?
1) Add @ErzyNetWebBot as your channel limited admin
To add a bot as an administrator, go to Menu -> Channel Management -> Administrators -> Add Administrator.
For ErzyNetWebBot to work, only the following rights are needed:
1) Publication of messages (for posting promo posts)
2) Add participants (for tracking statistics).
Important! Our bot will never post in your channel without your approval!
Our bot, even theoretically, cannot "hijack" your channel, because it does not have the right to do so!
2) Return to the Erzy website and click “Next”
3) Select a channel and click “Next”
4) Select the category and language of your channel, and click Next
You can change them later in the channel settings
How to add a new promo post?
To create a channel promo post, you can Upload an image.
You can skip the image upload and we will use your channel logo by default. Or you can remove the image if you want your promo post to be without an image. Later, you can create a new promo post in the channel settings.
Click on + Add Button and enter your call to action text and click on “Add CTA Button”
for example, "Subscribe", "Learn more", etc.
This will be a button under the post, clicking on which the user will get to your channel
Press Save New Channel
Everything is ready! Click "Go to dashboard".
How to switch between channels?
In order to switch between your channels, click on the logo of your channel in the upper right corner (next to the bell), a menu will appear in which you can select a channel.
How do I change the category or language of a channel?
To change the channel category or language, select “Channel Settings” from the control panel menu,
Select a channel;
Click the “Edit Channel” button;
Next, you can change the language and category of the channel;
Click the “Save Changes” button to save the changes for the channel.
How to add another channel?
In order to add another channel to the system, select “Channel Settings” from the control panel menu, then click on the “+Add New Channel” button
Then follow the instructions to add a channel.
How to add an additional promo post?
In order to add a new promo post, select “Channel Settings” from the control panel menu.
Select a channel;
Click the “Edit Channel” button;
At the bottom of the page, you will find the “Promotion Message” section;
Click on the “+ Add New Post Template” button