How to send a request for a paid cross promo
To start a paid cross promotion with the larger channel:
  1. Go to your control panel and click on “Start Cross Promotion Now
  2. Select the "Paid Cross Promo" tab
  3. Select a channel and submit a request for CP(cross promo) to that channel. When planning, please note that the approval and payment process may take 10-15 minutes to 2-3 hours(so it's better to schedule CP at least 4-5 hours from your current time). Cross promotion process.
  4. Once the CP partner admin approves your cross-promo request, our bot will send you a link with an invoice to pay for CP via Bitpay. How to pay;
  5. After paying the invoice, both admins of the channel will receive a notification that the CP has been scheduled and the amount you transferred will be frozen until cross promo is successfully completed.
  6. After successful completion of the CP, both admins get a notification and the amount is transferred to the partner's VP wallet. Bot removes promo posts from channels. Both admins get a notification to leave feedback on the other channel in the control panel.

If something doesn't go according to plan and the CP gets cancelled, the deal goes to Erzy arbitration
  1. If the channel admin to which the request was sent (CP partner) violates the rules during the paid cross promotion, 100% of the amount will be returned to the wallet of the initiator(admin who paid for CP), which he/she can spend on another paid CP or withdraw.
  2. If the rules were violated by the initiator(admin who paid for CP), then 100% of the amount will be transferred to the wallet of the CP partner.
  3. If the initiator of paid CP cancels it later than 12 hours before the scheduled time, he/she will get back only 70% of the money paid, and 30% will be paid to the CP partner.
Channels eligible for monetization
If you want your channel to be included in the paid CP selectionAvg.Subs.Sharedof your channel should be greater than zero and a price per subscriber should be set.

To increase Avg.Subs.Shared, your channel must to complete at least 1 successful CP, with at least 1 subscriber moving from your channel to another.
How do I set or change the price per subscriber?
In order to change the price of 1 subscriber:
  • In the Control Panel, select Channel Settings
  • Click Edit Channel
  • Set Price Per Subscriber
  • Click Save changes.
Erzy uses USDC (USD Coin) for all internal payments.
USD Coin is a stable digital currency pegged to the US dollar. USD Coin is managed by the Centre consortium, which was founded by Circle and includes members of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and bitcoin mining company Bitmain, a Circle investor.
How the cost of cross promotion is calculated

Paid CP on our platform differs from the typical advertising on the exchange. In Erzy the owner of a small (growing) channel adds its users to the payment to the cost promotion, ie it's something like trade-in: you don't have to pay whole amount because you also offer some valuable exposure to in cross promo partner.
The cost is calculated as the difference between the average number of subscribers that the channels share, multiplied by the price of 1 subscriber set by cross promo partner.

The cost is automatically calculated for your channel when you enter "Paid cross promo" the tab .
Channel-A is a small channel that averages 10 subscribers per VP.
Channel-B is a medium channel which averages 50 subscribers per WP.
Channel C is a large channel which sends on average 100 subscribers and price $1 per subscriber.

Cost of CP for Channel-A with Channel-C = (100-10)*$1 = $90
Cost of CP for Channel-B with Channel-C = (100-50)*$1 = $50

Thus, the higher your average subscribe shared the less you have to pay during paid cross promotions with large channels and more you earn when someone else sends you paid CP request.
How to pay for cross promotion
Our bot will send you a message with an invoice to pay via Bitpay. In the message click on the button "PAY NOW" you will be transferred to Bipay site.

Paying your BitPay invoice takes 4 steps:
  1. Choose a wallet and the cryptocurrency you want to pay with
  2. Fill in the payment details in your wallet
  3. Confirm transaction from your wallet
  4. You will receive a notification in our bot as soon as your transaction is approved.
Read more on the Bitpay website:

What are the best wallets for BitPay payments?

Service fee

Erzy collects 15% commission from the cost of each paid cross promotion.

Bitpay fee for withdrawal from the wallet is 3.2 USDC.
How to withdraw money from my wallet?
In ErzyNetWebBot click: MENU -> Wallet -> Withdraw

Withdrawal of funds takes from 24-48 hours
You will be asked to give TRC20 USDC address for withdrawal.
To learn more about TRC20 USDC address

Use Tron scan to track your withdrawal transaction.
In case of any questions contact us at our support bot.

Cost of withdrawal from the wallet

The minimum amount to withdraw 20 USDC.

Bitpay withdrawal fee is 3.2 USDC.

Affiliate Program
Erzy affiliate program pays 5% of income of invited(refered) channels earned through paid cross promotion on our platform.

The duration of program is unlimited, i.e. you will receive 5% of income as long as Erzy paid cross promotion service exists.
Invited channel refers to the channel that was invited through the channel's landing page
Your invitation link is embedded in the "Start Cross Promotion" button.
A new admin who has registered and added a channel to our platform after clicking on the button from your channel landing page is considered to be invited by you.
You will receive a percentage of this channel's income earned from paid cross promotions.

The money will be added to your wallet after each successful cross promotion by invited channel.

Withdrawal of funds, details.