Channel statistics
Erzy Dashboard
Erzy shows 2 types of statistics:
  1. Channel statistics;
  2. Cross promo statistics.
Channel statistics help admins choose their partners.
Cross promo stats help the admin track their progress.
Channel profile that potential CP partners see
How to send a cross promotion request?
In order to send a request for a cross promotion to another channel, in the control panel, click on the “Start Cross Promotion Now” button.

Choose from the channel list:
  • Suggested by Erzy - list of channels offered by Erzy;
  • Paid Cross Promo - to start cross promo with larger channel;
  • Invited by You - a list of channels that you have invited.
Select the channel to which you want to send a request and click on the “Next” button
To see detailed channel statistics, click on its name
Select the date, as well as the start and end time of the CP and click on the “Next” button
Select the promo post you want to use during the CP and click on the “Next” button
Make sure that the request is made correctly by checking the box and send the request by clicking on the "Send Request" button.
If you change your mind after sending a request, you can return to the Control Panel on the Request Sent section and cancel this request by clicking the “Cancel” button.
The channel that deletes Erzy the bot during the cross promo can get a permanent ban. Learn about our rules here: Erzy rules
I received a CP request, what should I do?
Erzy sends notifications through our bot in Telegram and on our website
Having received a notification in the bot, we can approve the CP or reschedule the date and time in the bot itself.
If you want to know more information about the sender, it is better to go to our website and open the Channel Profile where you can see the detailed channel statistics.
If you don't want to do a cross promotion with this channel, you can click the "Decline" button.
After clicking “Decline”, we will ask you to tell us why you have decided to decline the CP , this will provide useful feedback to the sender. For example, if you like the channel but don't like the promo post, you can select “I dont like promo post” - the sender can change the promo post and send you a request again.
How to start a cross promo with a channel that is not registered in Erzy?
There are 3 ways to run CP with channels that are not yet registered in Erzy.
  1. Invite your friend;
  2. Add an invite link to your channel description;
  3. Invite “Unregistered” channel from “Suggested by Erzy” list;
You will receive 5% of the income of all invited channels, details in the Affiliate Program section
Invite your friend

You need to send your personal invitation link to the admin by which he can register in Erzy. The link will lead to the landing page of your telegram channel.

By clicking on the “Start cross promotion” button, the invited admin will be taken to the process of logging in and adding a channel.
After adding a channel, the user will receive a notification with a proposal to start cross promotion with the channel that invited him, i.e. with your channel.

The invitation link will lead to the landing page of your telegram channel.
Add an invite link to your channel description
One of the effective ways to attract potential partners for the CP is to add a link to the description of your telegram channel.
To change the description:
  1. Open a channel.
  2. Click on the three dots to the right of the channel name.
  3. Click the pencil icon to the right of the channel information.
  4. Add your invite link.
  5. In the upper right corner, click Save.

Add an invite link to your channel description
Invite “Unregistered” channel from “Suggested by Erzy” list

In the “Suggested by Erzy” tab, there are channels with the “Unregistered” status. When you select such a channel, you will be sent the contact of the admin of this channel and an invitation link. You can write to the admin personally and offer to run the CP through Erzy.