What will get your channel banned
A channel with harmful and unethical content, such as violence and child pornography, will be blocked and will be immediately reported to Telegram Support!
How to increase channel rating?
The rating of the channel can be given by the admin of the channel who successfully conducted the cross promo with you. One admin can give another rating only once or change it, i.e. if the same admin gave you the same rating 10 times, your average rating will not change.

In order for the rating to change, you need to conduct successful cross promos with as many admins as possible.

If possible, we advise you not to post additional posts during the cross promo that will close the promo post of your partner.
The more subscribers of your channel subscribe to the partner's channel, the more likely admin of other channel will give you a higher rating.
How to increase Avg.Sub.Shared?
Avg.Sub.Shared is the average number of your subscribers who subscribed to other channels during the cross promotion.
This is an important metric for evaluating a telegram channel, which indicates weather the audience of the channel is "alive" and active.

Ultimately, the cross promotion is carried out in order to exchange subscribers, and it doesn’t matter how many subscribers channel has, if subscribers do not subscribe then the CP with such a channel is a useless.
When conducting paid cross promo, we use this metric to calculate CP price between channels.

That is, the higher the Avg.Sub.Shared channel has, the more it can earn during the CP or pay less with the CPs with large channels.
What to do if you receive a warning?
Ignorance of the rules is no excuse.
Read the rules above and don't break the rules again!
My channel got banned
Request for review about unlocking
Be prepared for our support to contact you